Abstract and Poster

2014 Poster Winners

Fiona Allum
Novel Next-Generation Capture Sequencing Approach for Targeted Interrogation of Functional Methylomes
Andreanne Morin
Discovery of Novel Rare Variants Implicated in Autoimmune and Inflammatory Diseases by Targeted Capture and Next-Generation Sequencing
Kyoko Yuki
Identification of Ity15, a novel Salmonella susceptibility locus, using N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea (ENU) mutagenesis
Cristiana Cruceanu
Transcriptome Sequencing of Postmortem Brains in Bipolar Disorder Implicates Dysregulation of Novel Genes and Non-coding RNAs
Saloua Jeidane
Identification by Functional Genomics of a Novel Regulator of a Network of Interferon-Beta (IFNB) Responsive Genes

Registered participants are welcome to submit an abstract and present a poster at the meeting.

Deadline for submission is March 21.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee prior to the meeting; selected submissions will be invited to present as the meeting as part of the conference program.

When logged into your account on the website, you can add your abstract. To access the upload form, choose the "Edit" tab and the "Research" subtab on your profile.

All abstracts will be assigned to a poster session. Please check this site as the meeting approaches for your poster number and session.

Poster guidelines

Your poster should be a graphically oriented summary of your research project.

Registrants will be assigned a presentation time during one of the two poster sessions. Registrants are expected to stand at their posters during the assigned sessions to discuss their work with those interested.

Each poster presenter will be assigned to and will share a poster board. Each presenter will have a net useable space in portrait/vertical format that measures 115.82 cm. wide x 115.82 cm. tall (3’8” x 3’8”) – equivalent to 12 letter-page –sized pages in which to exhibit the poster. If your poster is oversized and does not meet the dimensions above, please notify us by April 4 so that we can ensure adequate space for your poster.

The posters do not need to be laminated. You may make the poster into a one page display, or you may use smaller sheets.

Push pins for poster mounting will be supplied at the meeting.

All posters should be set up on Sunday morning, and will remain on display for the duration of the meeting. Posters should be removed by 10am on Tuesday, May 6.